Enter >> High School!

A whole new journey has begun . . . yes 2016 is destined for endless new experiences. Daughter has started High School two days ago and is totally immersed in the wrath of excitement, new books, classes, timetables and freedom like never before.  Am I ready … well mostly, but is anyone really ‘ready‘ for high school (parents that is, my darling daughter is so ready!). Oh and the excitement to discover you have your very own locker . . . unspeakable!

For me however, i’m sinking into the feeling of ‘having a high school kid makes me feel old’, so I lather on some extra firming cream to make me feel young again … and i’m good to go! But, I have to say it does make me feel a little differrent than I have for the past six years of primary school. I think we have both grown up.

So, while I spend today wondering how the class to class action is going, i’m off to run the ‘big kid’ errands >>> getting house keys cut, finding phone cases and all the things high schoolers need.

Until next time

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