Grip of Choice

I never realised how much I relied on myself, until I let myself down. Slowly losing my grip on everything. Losing total control over my job, my life …. everything speeding ahead and feeling powerless to hold on.

I also never realised how resilient I can be … I have no choice but to stare choice in the face. I have always believed that there is always a choice, and, I am often the first person to advise others of that fact.  However, it is a little harder to swallow when it is you! But nonetheless, there is always choice … and if we decline one thing, then we have chosen the other. By default, or not.

Then there is fate. That four letter word that says “you are exactly where you are meant to be”. Not always comforting …

The mentors I seek and hold in my life would say “change is never permanent” and “a successful person would only ever see it as temporary”. And, I think I would much rather take a leaf out of their book.  I will go with temporary and aiming higher and beyond the perception of obstacles.

So I will leave you with some extraordinary words;

Quitting . . . is not a choice, it is a default for those who have no desire to rely solely on themelves.

Until next time xoxo

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