Inspirational Teenagers

It takes patience to be in a positive space with your child. Allow them to feel free, to find themselves through personal space and create their own direction …. while standing there with the ‘go slow’ or ‘detour’ batton, always thinking that your direction is the absolute for everything.

Children need to grow, they need that space (especially in todays society) to have a chance, an opportunity to really discover what they are  meant for, what they are all about. As parents, its not our job to tell them, it’s not our job to instruct them and its not our job to disallow this of them. As parents, its our job, to stand back, its our job to observe from that distance, its our job to love them enough to let them stick their toe in the water and discover if the temperature is right for them.

I have spent many years being a martar, thinking that I know the best ‘all the time’, and having no trouble voicing my ‘I know better mind set’ to a developing tween. However, I have come to realise that knowing better does not mean that ‘I know better’. It just means, I think I know better. What im getting at, is the mind will tell you all sorts of things and quite frankly it can get you into all sorts of trouble.  But, when you can learn the art of getting our of your head and into your heart, you are entering a whole new space of sacred being. And this is a space that you can truely connect with your child.

You see, the relationships we build are an exchange of energy, they are a frequency that we omit between each other. Our entire universe is constructed of energy, between everything there is a flow, there is a rhythm, and eventual relationship from beginning to end. And as energy has no end, it is an ongoing relationship. Where I am leading is your relationship with your child is a constant exchange of energy, be it good or bad, and something you want to nurture and develop. Children are very sensitive to their surroundings, their environment, they are fresh, their perspective is real, they will be honest with you …. have you heard the saying “out of the mouth of babes”.   This is a classic example of, they are going to say it as they see it. And this is something to be truely grateful for. How many people these days can you get extreme honesty from, such raw spoken love …. not many.

So the next time, your child is brutally honest with you. Listen with intent, truely listen to what they are saying, because wisdom comes in many forms and that energy you are exchanging is their sacred space to allow them to grow into the most inspiring version of themselves. If you chose to see them, there are opportunities to connect with your child everywhere.

And . . . they  might just teach you a thing or two!

Until next time xoxo

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