Quality over Quantity

There’s nothing like beautiful sunshine and clear skies to start the day!

In the town that we live it’s historic and full of bustle, but quiet peaceful spots can be sought out. So, we went in search today of some quiet relaxing time together. Found! … In one of our quaint villages, of those historic buildings that line the street, and those who wander in search of peach and tranquility, we chose a favourite patterise.

After ordering, we decided on a table on the porch looking out to the idylic town.  Lunch was delicious, and coffee with punch to enjoy quality time, conversation and being together. However, after remembering there is a lollie store in this quaint town (you know the kind that has ‘every’ lollie from childhood), the cheeky smile crossed our lips. Feeling satisfied with lunch, we beelined for the candy store. And what a store . . . we ummed and arghed over the assortment and after some time, we left with bags in hand.

On the way home we talked about how fun our trip was, and from my daughter came, “Thanks mum, that was so much fun”.

Until next time

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