Real Moments

Sometimes in life there are moments that make you stop and think about what really matters. Life is so fleeting and you never really know how far it will or won’t go.

Today was one of those moments, where mine and my daughters relationship flashed before my heart, and in that split second I realised that it could all be taken away so suddenly. My heart opened, and I felt the realness of the moments we have, the tenderness we share and the sacred relationship we have grown together.

There is absolute truth in the saying ‘the past is gone and the future is not promised’. Life is of the most precious kind, it’s often fleeting, and imperative that we pause in the ‘being and feeling’ in each and every moment that we have. It’s consequential to bring joy in to all of these moments and when we are being tested, to remember, it is all still very sacred and all of those moments still exist, and they are more profound than ever. Our kids are unique, there is something very special about the ones that are being born now. They are teaching us parents and have a wisdom about them. I for one know, that I will never have one the same every again. She is a one and only, my one and only.

From a grateful mum.

Until next time,

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