Silence the raging teen mind

Lets be reminded of the importance of home time. Many of us get caught up in the trap of trotting all over town to entertain children.

My belief is some good old fashioned home time is a good opportunity to regroup, calm these often over active little minds and slow the pace down.  As a mum, it’s exhausting constantly keeping up and my teen needs a rest from trail blazing . . . and outside time is extremely underrated.

Slowing my non-stop teen:

  • Penny boarding like a free spirit
  • Helping me tidy the yard – getting the hands dirty instead of the mind
  • Being creative with crafty accessories – stretch that imagination
  • Baking something delicious
  • Just hanging out with the dog

I find with my daughter, if I don’t take the time to allow her to slow down, it all ends in tears and chaos. Definately chaosAnd we all know that teen melt downs can be many. So, sometimes . . . SILENCE is in order.

Until next time

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