It’s December!

Ok I finally made it through 2016 … and have a new job to show for it.  Oh my! Thank the universe! It got pretty hairy there for a while and I was starting to get visions of living out of a cardboard box. But ….. very happy to say I’m working back in the health field which I’m also very happy about. It’s what I wanted and can now build on my career. YAY! Not to mention some stability and $$$.

Can you believe its December already! Christmas tree is up and Christmas movies are in full swing. I still have so much Christmas shopping to do. The life of a single parent, shopping is usually last minute.  But I am very grateful that I can do any at all. And my daughter is reminding me everyday what she wants for Christmas and what she desperately can’t live without. I am blessed.

Ok WOW …. What an enormous year it has been!  It has definitely been the year of endings. So many wonderful inspirational people and entertainers have left earth and moved on, along with some of my best mentors. Thank god I have their books!!!  And the year has gone super fast, been absolutely chocked with challenges, loads of letting go of old stuck beliefs and habits, and three supermoons to boot. Everyone I have spoken too has told me how difficult and challenging 2016 has been for them. Personally I have been in three jobs this year and been close to homelessness in between them. I still look at myself in the mirror some days and wonder how I am still standing lol. But I am! I don’t feel like I have recovered from this year yet, emotionally and even physically (I think i’ve aged three extra years in one)  But I will!

I have to say the highlight of my year has been the absolutely wonderful priviledge to watch my daughter go through her first year in high school, make such a wonderful close bunch of friends and really excel in her work …yes …. I’m a proud mumma. She received excellence awards in Science and French at her end of year school presentation. I’m just so proud. She has and is enjoying school so much. It’s such a relief to see the smile on her face everyday. And she can’t wait for next year. Win Win!!

Another exciting event for us over Christmas is our camping trip. Its only a few days, but I’m really looking forward to it. Doing something out of the ordinary and submerged in some nature. And, we get to spend some time with family. And as I have a couple of weeks off work I can spend some time with family and relaxing, which will be great! Just what I need! Actually I’m trying to think of something great that I can do to recharge my batteries … I think it would have to be something pampering and spoiling, maybe even something luxurious. I tend to forget that I work hard all year everyday and a single mum 365 days … its hard work. Best to reward myself I say!  I really don’t know how this all came together, but I love that it has and I’m so grateful.

Well until next time …. Stay blessed x


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