Easter Market Haul

Today was such a wonderful day!

I love Autumn and everyday I get to say Good Morning to these beautiful girls *above* … what a delight!

It started the best way … sleeping in!!  Not something I get to do very often. Pretty much everyday I am up at 5:30 in the morning. **yep …early** but it lets me get my own start on the day. The first thing I usually do when I roll out of bed is straight into my core exercises and stretches. Is that a “yeah right” I hear. No, seriously, this is what I do.  From general stretches, to leg raises, to crunches to planks – it’s all in there.  So, anyways, today ….. I did none ….. I slept in instead. Nice!

After crawling out of bed at 9:30am I thought I’d better get a start on the day if I want to enjoys the plans I had made. Which was to visit one of our *largest and very busy* Easter Markets. It’s always such a beautiful drive where I live. We are surrounded by green rolling hills, wise old Oak trees and beautiful English trees, Farms with cows and livestock, quaint stores and villages. So pretty much anywhere you go around here, it will be a pretty sight!

The downside (well, the only one I can think of) is that at Easter time …. everyone else is here aswell. It’s a popular place to visit. But … this can also bring a different vibe, so not all that bad.

As it usually is, our Easter Markets are absolutely packed with people and they have so many stalls lining each side of the road. Loads of yummy foods and a rustic pub with million dollar views. We wandered into the pub for some lunch, I didn’t get a photo to show you my meal but I can say they do a great (gourmet) fish and chips and daughter was pretty impressed with her Chicken Snitzel. It was really nice to sit for a while and relax, but as usual,I wasn’t down for long and we hit the rest of the stalls.

I have been looking for this particular basket for a long time, and stumbled across it today … so naturally, I had to buy it!


We were also were blessed with the most amazing weather today. Beautiful blue skies, about 20 degrees (celcius, we are in Australia). I just love it when the sun is out, there is a cool breeze the weather feels perfect and everyone is comfortable. It’s the nicest feeling!

One of my other favourite things that I have been hunting for for ages, but never seem to be able to find them is succulents. The mini kind, that are very cute and you can make terrariums out of them. Well, we hit the jackpot today!!! There was a stall there jam packed with them, and I am so glad we got in early enough because by the time we left they were practically all gone!

Our fetch . . .




They are so cute! And tomorrow we are going to have an Easter planting day. I’m dying to get some more! So I’m very very happy to discover that they will be having this stall regularly at one of our other local markets. Yippee!!!!

So after a lovely lunch, our market haul and some homemade ice cream we made out way out of the markets to the car. Even this was such a lovely walk out into the paddocks of rolling hills. And the rest of the day was into town to pick up a few other things that were on my list for the day. Some new winter bed sheets and covers … and maybe a couple of extra purchases along the way.



It’s a little different than what I would normally go for … but it looked really good in the store.  I’m hoping it will grow on me, or I will pick up something in a warmer tone. Although …. inside are new soft flannel sheets … cozy!!

Daughter loves her new winter do … she chose the warm tones … she has an eye and of course it is so comfy and snuggly!



And while we were in there I grabbed some pots and vases … so naturally I needed to fill them with flowers 😉

I fell in love with the simplicity of this vase as soon as I saw it.  It was on sale and I’m kind of wishing I grabbed two now. It has fine copper wire wrapped about it. And is really effective catching the light.



So all in all, it been a pretty productive and enjoyable day. We got to spend some much needed time outdoors with a little spoiling that was very very much needed.

I hope you have enjoyed this little journey today. Feel free to share it with your friends.

Remember to be kind to you! Chao for now …


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