Do you feel overwhelmed!?


Its perfectly normal. You are perfectly normal. Personal I believe it is something that comes and goes with being a single parent. And with most people in life. No one really escapes it. Its more of a matter of how we deal with it and not letting it consume you. Well, not for too long anyways.  But, I think it’s something we all need to feel and I think it’s something that can often push us to the next level. It builds up, we release, then we can move on. Being overwhelmed can actually be a positive thing, and work in your favour. As a teacher, it shows us how resilient we can be and what we are made of. Often, if and when we get to the point of overwhelm we have made it through an important lesson and end up sitting in puddle of realisation.


I think being vulnerable is an important factor, and when we feel completely overwhelmed, vulnerability is at its peak. Our body and mind has had enough, not knowing how much more to take or if you have the strength to carry on. Questioning yourself, your existence, your purpose, your enormous responsibility and the trust the universe has bestowed on you to pull through with everything you are here for. Yes it’s overwhelming, yes it’s disturbing, yes its suffocating, yes at times it strikes the fear of god into you. But, do you think you would be doing this if you weren’t capable. Do you think out of the billions of people you would have been chosen to develop a small person into a well-rounded big person. It’s overwhelming because you are being tested, constantly, you are being demanded to grow, to improve, to shine, to model what is possible to others.


There is a purpose, overwhelm always has a purpose. It’s to show you what is inside of you. Never before have you been where you are now, and never again will you be. Overwhelm, makes you stop, breaks you down and puts you into the moment. It stops the world from spinning, so you can see clearly what surrounds you, it makes you question everything, evaluate what is important and focus on it.


So, do you feel overwhelmed. Good! . . . me too! We are on the right path, clearing the way for those who will come after us and look for guidance and support. We will have the stories to share, strength to give and a hand to hold for those who are not sure how to take that next step up.


Cheers to being overwhelmed, owning it and being the lighthouse for others to weather the storm.


Big love

Justustwo x

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