Tea Time and Rolling Hills

It’s been a lovely day! This morning started with waking a little later, well, 8:00am rather than 5:30am. So it was a bit of a sleep in for me. As most Saturday mornings go, I take my tea onto the patio where its quiet and a little peaceful before daughter wakes and the demands are on.

My usual morning place

So after showering and getting myself ready for the day, a load of washing was shoved into the machine before I forget. And it was out the door to enjoy some of my weekend. I live for my weekends!!

First stop, morning tea in this gorgeous new place in town I hadn’t experience yet. And I can tell you, its amazing. Its an old Mill that has been converted into a cafe/restaurant/outdoor night area with street food and entertainment. Just what I needed to wind down after another hectic and exhausting week. Loved it!

And I went completely headlong into a Cappacino (even though I’m not drinking coffee at the moment), but just a small one, with a piece of ‘not’ guilty Orange & Polenta cake …. there goes my cheat meal for this week. While daughter demolished her usual snack of hot chips and aioli. I think I have found my new favourite place and I really don’t know why I hadn’t been in there yet. I was missing out, it’s such a cool place.

Then on to a little shopping … a new pair of sunglasses after I realised I have had my Ralph Lauren’s for seven years and it might be time to try something new. Of course I pointed out some mothers day things I would like, and picked up a few extra cosmetics and pamper things … something special for these two girls.

One thing I really love about where I live is you can reach the green rolling hills within a couple of minutes (literally), to escape the traffic and noise of town. And that is just what I needed today. So I drove straight past our turnoff to home and just kept going. Why not!! Up through the country side to find the real open spaces up above it all, where your mind has a chance to debrief amongst nature and very very fresh air.  I have never seen colours so beautiful until I moved here, Autumn is a cascading showcase of colour. Who knew that greens and oranges could how so many different shades!

And on the way down the other side before coming back, picking up a steaming cup of English Breakfast tea to sip on the all way home. Back over the rolling hills, breathing in the scenery and storing it to remember later. Yes we live 800 metres above sea level … the air is very clean up here 🙂

Nature really put on the spoils with a gorgeous sunset to wind the day down. Just beautiful!!

We hope your Saturday was filled with surprise and say yes to new adventures.

Big love

Justustwo x



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