The subtle art of road trips and not giving a f@ck.

Today I have had what feels like the most unproductive day. In fact, it was so unproductive I spent half of it in my pyjamas. Thank god it was a Sunday!

I was so exhausted from yesterdays day out, which went a little something like this.

I agreed to take my mother to a wool festival in Canberra. It’s the kind of thing she likes and it was a day out for all of us. Canberra is about a 2.5 hour drive south crossing the boarder from New South Wales into the ACT. Where it’s a little bit colder than here and the sunsets go on forever. We didn’t end up leaving until mid morning sometime, after doing a few things and getting a bag packed (of food of course ~ teenager on board). And, then it was into the road trip. You know when you are getting close to the ACT because the scenery changes and you hit the wide open spaces. Land upon land upon land as far as the eye can see. It is so beautiful. There is something about wide open spaces the makes me feel so free. The landscape is breathtaking.

After our two hour (plus) trip we are arriving into Canberra. A place that you wish all cities took note of … the wide street … and relaxed layout. People are walking places, I see joggers, cyclists. It’s so refreshing to see people out there, doing it! So, after a couple of deviations we make it to our destination and the first place we head are the food stalls to dive into something tasty.

I couldn’t go so far to a market and leave with nothing, could I …um …. no! And I found some of my usual favourite purchases:

This gorgeous succulent! It’s actually quite big and I could not leave without it. I would of had one of those “I should of got that when I saw it’ moments, and they are painful moments. So, I was taking it with me all the way home.

We found some deliciously scented candle melts. I used the coconut and lime today. Wow … my house smells amazing. It’s pretty much a sure thing that if there is a candle stall or a few of them, they are going to get a visit from me. Sometimes multiple, if I decide what I have is not going to last me long enough. But I had stocked up on this trip … and got a sneaky website so I can get more.

By this point we had wandered around a few times and my daughter dragged me to the pancake stall …… I confess, out of her plate of dutch pancakes with strawberries, ice cream and caramel sauce, I only sampled two. Quite proud of myself, because I could have easily demolished that entire plate given the chance if it wasn’t for my sheer willpower and the lure of coffee while she was eating.
Boy was it a good coffee!
I was quite lucky when we got there to get a close parking spot. Yay me! So I didn’t have to carry my new addition very far. On the way out we discovered this whole new developed foreshore area with tones of cafe’s on the lake. Very beautiful spot and I am absolutely certain we will be going there next time. It was quite hard to drag myself away with the water backdrop, so pretty.

Daughter was googling the area and found a new enormous shopping complex, which yes, we visited and yes, I left a little poorer. But we had a good time, picked up some more of our favourite LUSH goodies and detoured into the Apple Store. I needed some bit’s and pieces from there. And it wouldn’t be a trip if we didn’t stop into the bookstore. Daughter is a huge reader (which I’m very happy about mind you), so we can never, ever, just walk on by. Oddly enough it was me who ended up with a new read.


And yes, there are a lot of f@cks in it … most of the way through infact. And it leaves me to wonder if I should ‘f@ck it’ more often. To be honest I have just started it and didn’t get very far through it last night. Which I will explain why shortly.

It was a long but mesmerising drive home. Halfway on the drive we stopped off to grab some dinner and admire the sunset. A total treat! It’s been a while since I have seen so much sky lit from the sun … so far … so wide and so many colours.




On the final leg it was pretty tiring. It had been an awesome yet exhausting day, and for me, I was still driving. Eventually we pulled up home, I was so happy to see that driveway. Everything was lugged inside, and it was so good to sit down on the lounge, grab out my new book with a cosy blanket and tuck into why I should learn the subtle art of not giving a fuck …. Five minutes in …. I was out cold on the lounge for three and a half hours and being woken by daughter to go to bed.

I was so utterly exhausted by a massive day of doing …. I feel asleep, but who gives a f@ck (not me right?!)

So, this is why I still have not learnt the subtle art of not giving a f@ck, through the eyes of Mark Manson. But I will, wholeheartedly, and I will share it with you. And thus explains why I have felt like not doing much at all today, being totally unproductive and not giving a f@ck. I’m exhausted and I don’t give a f@ck.

I was a beautiful day out and a beautiful day in.

Ready to start a new week.

And finish my book . . .

Justustwo x


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