This is how you do Mornings!


You BLESS them!!!


Mornings are often a time of moaning and groaning, which can set a terrible intention for your day. So, I’ve broken down some simple and effectives ways that you can bring more gratitude into your everyday morning routine.


When you first wake up … you are alive, you are in a warm and cozy bed, your kids are safe and warm. “Thank you universe for blessing me with a warm, safe and cozy home”

When you get into the shower …and you have hot steaming water on a cold and frosty morning. “Thank you universe for showering me in this gorgeous warm and delicious water … and for keeping my kids clean”

Getting dressed and moving to the mirror. Get a good look at your beautiful self. Yes ….YOU ARE GORGEOUS! As you are doing your hair and applying your make up “Thank you universe for this beautiful, caring, helpful, loving, kind, compassionate, radiant and thoughtful goddess that you created in me. I love you.”

Kitchen time for coffee, preparing breakfast and getting school and work lunches prepared. “Oh universe, thank the Lord for coffee” LOL …. Okay … “Thank you universe for providing for me and my family healthy and nutritious food that keeps us healthy and sustained all day long”.

As you leave the house (or to your home office). “Thank you universe for giving me and my children this home to live in, that keeps us sheltered and safe and allows us to be a family”.

When your not sure what to be grateful for in a mundane or uneventful day. Keep in simple. Be thankful for all the little things that help you to organise and operate your days, weeks, months and years so your kids can learn and grow from you. Be thankful for what 90% of the world population goes without or struggles to keep. Being grateful is what brings more of what you want into your life. And being thankful doesn’t cost anything.


“Thank you Universe for providing a platform allowing me to express and share all that I have to offer to others”


Justustwo xox



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