Grip of Choice

I never realised how much I relied on myself, until I let myself down. Slowly losing my grip on everything. Losing total control over my job, my life …. everything speeding ahead and feeling powerless to hold on. I also never realised how resilient I can be … I have no choice but to stare […]

Quality over Quantity

There’s nothing like beautiful sunshine and clear skies to start the day! In the town that we live it’s historic and full of bustle, but quiet peaceful spots can be sought out. So, we went in search today of some quiet relaxing time together. Found! … In one of our quaint villages, of those historic […]

Enter >> High School!

A whole new journey has begun . . . yes 2016 is destined for endless new experiences. Daughter has started High School two days ago and is totally immersed in the wrath of excitement, new books, classes, timetables and freedom like never before.  Am I ready … well mostly, but is anyone really ‘ready‘ for […]