About us

If you are reading this, I’m so glad you made it here.  Life as a single parent can be tough enough without feeling completely alone, isolated and friendless.  Which happens alot with single parents.  We are busy, beyond what most of us even probably thought possible.  I don’t think ive ever heard anyone say “gee I think I will be a single parent and work it all out on my own”  . . . well, maybe some do, but I would be very interested to hear how they are going on their adventure. And … this is why I have put together my website to share. So we can feel connected to others.  It often helps to monuver your own obstacles when you can see how others have done it, to see that ‘it is possible’.

My daughter is an only child and has never had her father in her life (his choice). So it has always been ‘just us two’. We live in a beautiful town in the mountains an hour south of Sydney, Australia which is a little cold for my liking, but it is nicely central to many places, so it works ~ not far from family and close enough to the beach.

I work fulltime (in my day job) and have pretty much always worked to keep our heads above water …..but ….. i’m now looking at forging my own path, working from home (or wherever I like) and expanding my income. I believe it’s always possible if you have courage and vision ~ or have got to the point where something has to change.

I hope by hearing a little about my life you, I have encouraged you to know that you are never alone and you are your greatest asset. You will be hearing alot more stories from me …. and maybe a book or two.

Big love,