This is how you do Mornings!

  You BLESS them!!!   Mornings are often a time of moaning and groaning, which can set a terrible intention for your day. So, I’ve broken down some simple and effectives ways that you can bring more gratitude into your everyday morning routine.   When you first wake up … you are alive, you are […]

Do you feel overwhelmed!?

  Its perfectly normal. You are perfectly normal. Personal I believe it is something that comes and goes with being a single parent. And with most people in life. No one really escapes it. Its more of a matter of how we deal with it and not letting it consume you. Well, not for too […]

Grip of Choice

I never realised how much I relied on myself, until I let myself down. Slowly losing my grip on everything. Losing total control over my job, my life …. everything speeding ahead and feeling powerless to hold on. I also never realised how resilient I can be … I have no choice but to stare […]